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Storm Rising by Rachael Richey- a Review

The blurb for Rachael Richey’s “Storm Rising” reads, “frontman of the grunge rock band NightHawk…” SOLD! I still love anything grunge, but that’s not a requirement.

When Abigail returns home for her estranged mother’s funeral, she finds a pile of secrets in her childhood home. But rather than simply follow a breadcrumb trail towards the past, the past also collides into her, in the lithe form of that grunge frontman, but also in the form of something far more special.

What unfolds is several love stories all couched in a darker mystery. The reader is led on a trail that speaks to both the teenager left in us, and the sophistication of a modern Jane Austen. It’s a balance the author has done particularly well, preventing the novel from becoming YA, while still capturing the intensity of youth, in lovely prose.

3412568Lost love, identity, the pursuit of truth, and just an occasional dusting of fairy tale keep the reader engaged throughout in this well written entry to the NightHawk series. I’ve already started reading the second book in the series- Rhythm of Deceit!



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